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What is geography?

July 17, 2023 / Views



Geography is an academic discipline that seeks to understand the places and spaces of Earth’s landscapes, features, inhabitants and phenomena. It examines how the physical environment of a place influences people’s lives in terms of their culture, economics, politics and history.

Geographers are particularly interested in understanding why certain places look they way they do today. For example, why does one region have rolling hills while another has rugged mountains? By looking at the landforms and climatic zones across different regions around the world, geographers can make comparisons between them. Through this kind of analysis they can assess changes over time such as how climate change has impacted a particular area or how human activities like urbanization shape our planet’s surface.

Geography also explores the relationships between humans and their environment. This includes topics such as migration patterns; cultural exchanges; population growth; resource utilization; food production systems; land use conflicts; water access issues; biodiversity loss etc. This interdisciplinary study allows geographers to identify global threats that can be addressed before disaster strikes – such as developing proactive strategies for minimizing natural hazards or responding quickly to environmental change.

Ultimately geography gives us an intricate understanding about our planet’s environment which is very much needed for sustainability planning into the future!

What is geography?

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