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How can I get a scholarship after Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary level?

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Getting a scholarship after achieving Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary level (AS) is an attainable goal for any motivated student. There are a variety of scholarships available for students who have attained AS Level, as well as other qualifications such as A Levels or International Baccalaureate. So, if you would like to pursue a scholarship, there are several opportunities you can look into.

Firstly, many universities offer scholarships to students with good grades who show potential in their chosen field of study. Amongst these two main types of scholarships: merit-based and need-based ones; the former is awarded on the basis of academic performance whereas the latter depends on financial requirements. Therefore it’s important to research your prospect universities thoroughly before applying for one or more scholarships they provide so that you ensure you’re eligible according to their regulations and criteria set out in their website or application forms.

In addition to university-offered options, there are also numerous external organizations offering grants dedicated specifically toward graduates with AS Level qualification and other high school achievements such as the British Council IELTS Scholarship Award and St Andrews Sovereign’s Scholarship Scheme based in Scotland. Moreover private companies may also offer support either through sponsorships or discounts – it’s worth exploring this avenue since usually help is made available via personal connections too! Do not forget that family members may be willing to contribute financially given your pointed focus towards studying at university abroad.

Finally remember that some employers value education over work experience when recruiting new employees meaning ‘employability skills’ like punctuality, communication skills etc., will be appreciated from past internships/employment endeavours at home or abroad too! All in all having Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level under your belt opens up plenty of opportunities for gaining financial aid so do take advantage by researching further both online (e.g.: Student Finance England portal) and offline – visiting relevant local education authorities and embassies should prove useful here!

How can I get a scholarship after Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary level?

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