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Good day, please I’d like to know schools that offer fully funded scholarships to high school graduate wanting to study software engineering. Thank you.

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Congratulations on your high school graduation and best of luck as you embark upon your journey to pursue software engineering!

Fully funded scholarships for the purpose of studying software engineering are not widely available, but there are still several options worth exploring. First, many universities provide institutional or departmental merit-based scholarships that cover all or a portion of tuition for undergraduates enrolled in a software engineering degree program. For example, at Stanford University the NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship in Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Systems provides full graduate tuition funding plus a stipend to outstanding students pursuing AI/Autonomous Systems research. Other examples include The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship Program which awards up to 25 undergraduate and 15 graduate level scholars with necessary resources such as books, living expenses, etc., enabling them to pursue degrees in computer science related disciplines such as software engineering.

Second, private organizations also offer generous scholarship programs specifically tailored towards higher education degrees in software engineering (and other technology-related fields). Goldman Sachs’ 10K Women Project is one example; this program provides 10k women worldwide with business management training while providing partial grants for those interested in furthering their education through courses like computer programming and web development. Similarly GlobalHack’s Youth Scholarship Program helps 100 fortunate high school seniors expand their educational opportunities by awarding money towards their college tuition cost associated with pursuing a degree in IT (including software engineering).

Finally, don’t forget about public sources of financial aid when looking into fully funded scholarships for an undergraduate degree focused on software engineering – government entities like Department of Education typically provide federal funds via the FAFSA process which may be used at any accredited university across the country offering undergraduate degrees related to Computational Engineering (such as Software Engineering). Alternatively certain state governments have created financial aid programs specific to residents from within its own jurisdiction – check if there exists any similar incentives online through your state’s department websites or contact secondary/higher education divisions directly if possible.
Good luck finding an effective combination of these three avenues so you can affordably pursue an exciting career path within the field of Software Engineering!

Good day, please I’d like to know schools that offer fully funded scholarships to high school graduate wanting to study software engineering.
Thank you.

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