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What are the international scholarships can I have as a Moroccan student?

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As a Moroccan student, you have access to an incredible variety of international scholarships.

The most comprehensive source for Moroccan students looking for international scholarship opportunities is the Morocco-based Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry (HESRM) which maintains an updated list of various programs, grants and awards that are available to Moroccan citizens. HESRM provides information on both local and foreign scholarships and fellowships or academic exchange programs designed specifically for Moroccan students hoping to study abroad. Examples of such scholarships include:

The Millennium Scholarship Program: Created by the King Mohammed VI Foundation for Solidarity in 1999, this scholarship offers funding for undergraduates studying abroad at different universities in the United States.

Fulbright Program: Sponsored by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA), this program allows Moroccans pursuing graduate degrees outside their home country access to considerable financial aid upon completion of their studies in order to improve engagement between Morocco and its partners around the world through educational activities as well as cultural exchange projects. Additionally, doctoral-level scholars can also participate in other professional development programs related to leadership and research management training through ECA’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

3 .Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie – Middle East Scholarships : This program offers highly competitive postgraduate scholarships from Master’s Degrees through PhDs at select universities across Canada, France and French-speaking countries throughout Africa & Asia Pacific regions; allowing exceptional Moroccans seeking higher learning opportunities abroad access to world class teaching experiences globally with a large number of fields covered including Engineering/Technology, Agriculture/Veterinary/Biological Sciences amongst many others .

4 .Research In Motion Scholarship Program : Offered exclusively towards undergraduates from underrepresented communities interested in majoring Science or Technology disciplines ,this scholarship allows successful applicants six months funding while they pursue their degree outside Morocco before returning back home armed with all new knowledge gained during their stay abroad paving way ultimately towards boosting scientific research within their region after university graduation!

5 .Fellowship Programs LASER – LABEX MEDEA : Aimed mainly at postgraduates wishing undertake doctoral studies providing them crucial support throughout entire duration lasting up three years with unique opportunity participate alongside leading scientists within field hosting more than 600 researchers coming from over 35 countries worldwide offering unbeatable experience never before seen!

These are just some examples among hundreds available online so be sure do thorough research find one fits your needs best! Good luck future endeavors!.

What are the international scholarships can I have as a Moroccan student?

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