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What are the different types of arts?

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Arts, broadly speaking, is the expression of creativity through a tangible form. It can take many different forms, from visual arts to performing arts to folk art and beyond. Here are some of the most common types of art:

Visual Arts: This encompasses any type of creative work that is primarily visual in nature, including painting, sculpture, architecture, drawing, printmaking and photography.

Performing Arts: This refers to activities such as drama, music theatre and dance performances. Music., opera., ballet., orchestral music – all fall under this category too.

Folk Art: This involves traditional crafts passed down orally between generations or within ethnic communities; generally handmade items such as quilts and carvings created for personal or communal use rather than commercial purposes.

Photography: The practice of capturing images either using light-sensitive materials (film) or digital technology (digital cameras). While it technically falls under ‘visual arts’ it deserves its own mention due to its vast popularity today.

Film/Cinema : A motion picture captured on celluloid tape or film stock which is projected onto a screen for viewing by an audience in cinemas or other venues; films include both narrative features and documentary shorts focusing on topics such as newsreels about current events as well as documentaries about past events .

Design Arts (Graphic Design): Involves creating graphic illustrations and photos for marketing purposes – mostly used in conjunction with other forms such advertising campaigns , websites etc . Graphic designers may work with text fonts , logos , illustrations , photographs . They may specialize in web design , animation etc .

Crafts & DIY Projects : Creative endeavors involving cutting , stickering scrapbooking card making paper product jewelry making etc typically involving various materials that are cut into shapes designed with specific outcomes ; e . g patchwork quilts crocheted hats embroidered cushion covers origami paper sculpture pottery stained glass items 3D printed objects wood burning products – these crafts involve developing one’s abilities using different tools techniques material combinations that often push the boundaries further then traditional art
Crafts also encompass do-it-yourself projects when an individual uses his/her creativity skills to produce something useful like repairing furniture upholstery constructing shelves knitting sweaters etc

What are the different types of arts?

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