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Want to take admission in Post PhD Education

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According to the [Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan], a post PhD is a research-based degree that is awarded to candidates who have completed a PhD and have made original and significant contributions to their field of study. The duration of a post PhD is usually two years, and the candidates are required to publish at least four research papers in HEC recognized journals.

However, the HEC does not specify any age limit for admission to a post PhD program. The age limit may vary depending on the university and the department that offer the post PhD program. Therefore, you may need to contact the relevant university or department directly to inquire about their admission criteria and eligibility requirements.

Alternatively, you may also consider applying for a post PhD program in education in another country that does not have an age limit or has a higher age limit than Pakistan. For example, you may be interested in the [Postdoctoral Fellowship Program] offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the USA. This program provides opportunities for scholars who have recently earned their PhD or EdD degrees to conduct research and teach at Harvard. The program does not have an age limit, but it is highly competitive and selective.

I hope this helps you with your question.

I am interested in Post PhD in Education. My age is about to 50 years. Here in pakistan universities one can take admission in post PhD if he is under 45 please

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