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Undergraduate scholarships for Caribbean disabled people

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Yes, there are a variety of scholarships available for online learners who are physically challenged. Many of these scholarships are specifically targeted towards individuals with physical disabilities, and many organizations offer financial aid for those looking to pursue higher education from a distance.

In Jamaica, the Jolina Lamont Scholarship is available to persons living with physical disabilities in the Caribbean region. The scholarship helps cover tuition and other fees related to pursuing an approved course or degree at an accredited institution. Additionally, you should consider searching for grants through local charitable foundations.
For instance, Reach For Success provides opportunities for academically successful candidates with physical disabilities who wish to pursue post-secondary studies either locally or abroad via grant funding and assistance with form completion/submission regarding admissions processes in foreign universities or institutions.
You can also look into government assistance programs such as Jamaica’s Ministry of Labour & Social Security that offers resources for disabled Jamaicans seeking employment and training opportunities—including online learning platforms tailored toward accessibility standards like closed captioning and text-to-speech capabilities that do not require extensive visual attention spans such as eReader formats (Kindles & iPads).
Finally, most major colleges/schools have accessibility centers dedicated to helping students manage their individual learning needs; so be sure to check out your campus’ Accessibility Center before signing up for any courses! Good luck!

Are there any scholarships for online learners who are physically challenged? I live on the Island of Jamaica.

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