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Undergraduate Scholarship

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As a Sri Lankan student, there are a number of different ways to obtain a full scholarship for undergraduate level studies. The most common route is to apply for academic excellence awards, which are usually offered by your preferred institution or through external sources. To be eligible for these scholarships, it’s important to perform well in exams and have strong grades throughout high school. Many universities also offer merit-based scholarships that recognize students with impressive extracurricular involvement and community service records. Additionally, you can use websites like Scholarships360 or the Sri Lanka Education Ministry website to find potential scholarship opportunities available specifically for Sri Lankans. Other popular forms of financial aid include need-based grants or loans provided by private lenders as well as governmental organizations such as the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). You should research any institutions you’re interested in attending carefully because some may offer specialised packages – such as education benefits given after exam results – that could help cover at least part of your tuition fees depending on your academic performance. Additionally, consider applying for international fellowships where you can receive funding from another country even if it doesn’t directly link back to study within Sri Lanka i.e Chevening Scholarships from the United Kingdom; Bonner Scholars Program from USA; Australian Development Scholarship from AusAid etc…With hard work and dedication towards applying yourself academically, it is possible -albeit competitive-to get a full scholarship regardless of your nationality!

How can I get a full scholarship for undergraduate as a Sri Lankan Student?

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