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Schools with a fully funded scholarships schemes in Canada.

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There are several universities and colleges in Canada that offer fully funded scholarships schemes for students. Here’s an overview of some of the top options:

University of Calgary: The University of Calgary offers a range of scholarship programs that provide full tuition coverage as well as other forms of financial support, including living costs, to eligible applicants. Students can apply for specialized scholarships such as the La Pointe Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship program or various internal awards based on merit, research excellence, community involvement and leadership.

2.University of British Columbia: UBC’s scholarship program is one of the most comprehensive in Canada with more than $20 million annually available to Canadian students from both domestic and international backgrounds studying at the university’s Vancouver campus. UBC awards its most outstanding candidates with up to $70,000 over four years through its Entrance Scholarships program while international students may be eligible for additional funding through specific external programs offered by governments or private institutions outside Canada.

3.Simon Fraser University (SFU): SFU provides over 500 scholarships each year which includes substantial renewable entrance awards based on academic achievement; Dean’s Entrance Scholarships valued at approximately $4,500; International Student Awards worth up to $7,000/year; Transfer Student Awards ranging from $1,000 – $4,000/year depending on GPA; Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarships ranging from$1-12K per year plus other sources like government loans etc..
Please note these are just a few examples but there could be more options out there depending on your personal circumstances and financial needs so it is important that you explore all avenues before making a decision about what type is best suited for you!

Schools with a fully funded scholarships schemes in Canada.

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