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Scholarship for undergraduate study in UK

August 10, 2023 / Views



Congratulations on your unconditional offer to study at the University of Exeter for an LLB with law business! Getting a scholarship as an international student from Uganda is no easy feat, and I’m sure you are feeling overwhelmed.

First of all, you should research scholarships available to students studying in the UK from Uganda. Your university might also have dedicated programmes or partnerships with donor organizations that you can take advantage of. Additionally, there are websites like Chevening and CSC Scholarships (formerly known as China Scholarship Council) which provide a platform to search for funding opportunities abroad.

It would also be a good idea to look into what additional criteria these scholarships require beyond fulfilling certain academic requirements such as providing evidence of financial need or pursuing certain subject areas that align with the mission statement of the organization offering it etc. Also check their deadlines for submitting applications so that your application is up-to-date by then.

In addition, if you have amassed any awards or accolades related to academic excellence or fieldwork/internships in essential life skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship etc – make sure those accomplishments are highlighted in your application letter too since most funding organizations value well roundedness in students aside from academic achievements alone. Most importantly always keep an open mind when applying for scholarships; don’t be disheartened if rejections occur simply because it was not meant to be and instead set your sights on another opportunity – eventually something will happen! Good luck!

I recently was able to get an unconditional offer to study at the University of Exeter for my undergraduate degree in LLB with law business starting Sept,2023.

However, up until now I am unable to secure a scholarship as an international student from Uganda.
Do you perhaps have any scholarships I am eligible for?
Any advice would also be helpful.

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