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May I have a scholarships without application fees and IELTS or any English test or language proficiency?

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Congratulations on taking the initiative to further your education! There are a number of scholarship and grant programs available to international students from countries around the world, including Congo Brazzaville.

The first step in finding scholarships without application fees and IELTS or other English testing requirements is to do some research on the universities you’d like to attend. Search their websites for information about financial aid and scholarships specifically for international students. Also consider looking at individual country pages as many Canadian, American, British, French, Spanish, Australian, Chinese, German Turkish Japanese and Italian universities may have specific scholarship funds dedicated towards international students from certain parts of the world.

You can also look into global student exchange programs such as Fulbright which offer both financial awards and immersive cultural experiences wherein you would spend time with American families while studying in the U.S.. There are also a number of private organizations that offer grants for travel or study abroad – many of these require an essay but do not request formal proof of English proficiency beyond that. Additionally larger companies might offer fully funded university tuition support depending on where they operate around the globe so keep an eye out for those opportunities as well!

Finally depending upon your eligibility you may be eligible for governmental funding or fellowships from organizations like Rotary International which offers foreign exchange programs throughout Europe Asia South East Asia North America Central/South America Australia New Zealand Africa The Middle East Caribbean India Pacific Islands China Hong Kong Macau Japan Taiwan Tajikistan Ukraine Nepal Mongolia Bangladesh Malaysia Sri Lanka Thailand Indonesia Singapore Philippines Bangladesh Vietnam Laos Cambodia Brunei Russia Iran Azerbaijan Armenia Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan etc.. Good luck with finding scholarships without application fees!

Hello !
I am Lys from Congo Brazzaville.
May I have a scholarships without application fees and IELTS or any English test or language proficiency from those following countries: CANADA, UK, USA, FRANCE, SPAIN, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, GERMANY, TURKEY, JAPON, AND ITALIA ? Please, what I can correctly write, speak and heard is FRENCH. So, in English, I am again learning, I couldn’t study with it now.
Sincerely !

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