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Thank you for your question! Getting a full funded scholarship is possible in forex trading, however it is not easy to acquire. You will need to have a strong academic record, particularly in mathematics and other business-related courses. Additionally, you may also be required to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the financial markets and have some sort of prior experience with forex trading. If you are looking for scholarships specifically related to forex trading, there are certain options available; however they are few and far between. One option might be the FX Masters Program offered by Traders4Traders (T4T). This program offers awards up to US$15,000 for successful applicants who demonstrate “professionalism” as well as “academic excellence” in the field of forex trading. You can also look into applying through online crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe or CrowdRise. In this case though, you will need enough contacts/influential people who can help spread the word about your funding application and increase your chances of success dramatically. Furthermore, many universities offer fully funded scholarships based on both academic and financial criteria – so make sure to keep an eye out on any relevant opportunities worth pursuing!

Sorry for this question, I saw one of your picture that have Forex pairs. Please can I join the same course by full funded scholarship please?

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