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Is there a chance of applying for continuity mature entry?

August 3, 2023 / Views



Yes, there is a chance of applying for continuity mature entry. Depending on the educational institution you are looking to apply to, it may be possible for you to receive admission even if your past academic performance was not as successful as you had hoped.

Continuity mature entry allows applicants who have had any disruptions in their education due to personal or external factors, such as an illness or economic hardship, make up for missing out on study by completing additional coursework or other related activities. In some cases, this can also include work experience relevant to the subject you want to pursue. The type and length of activity that can be included varies from one institution to another so it is important that you research different admissions policies closely before deciding which option might suit you best.

It’s also worth noting that many institutions offering continuity mature entry will review applications on a case-by-case basis and look at the individual applicant’s circumstances when making their decision rather than solely relying on prior qualifications; they may take into consideration awarding extenuating circumstances points or reduced grade requirements depending upon each unique situation.

Overall, continuing education through continuity mature entry is a viable option and should not be discounted if your previous studies were interrupted; speaking with experienced advisors at your chosen institution could prove beneficial in helping clarify whether or not this type of enrollment would be suitable for your situation and provide valuable advice regarding how best move forward with your application process.

Is there a chance of applying for continuity mature entry?

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