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Is it possible for me to get scholarship to travel abroad with my two kids?

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Yes, it is possible to get a scholarship to travel abroad with your two children. You may be eligible for a variety of scholarships and grants from organizations such as the US Department of State, Rotary International, National Geographic Society, or other nonprofit organizations that offer educational programs and research grants. Additionally, there are a number of universities and government organizations that provide funds specifically for those traveling with their children.

The first step you should take is to research the available scholarship opportunities in detail to determine what each organization offers and how much funding they will provide. Then create an application package tailored to each individual program or agency you are applying for; include all necessary documents required such as personal statements, transcripts, letters of recommendation etc., as well as details about your intended itinerary or areas of study/research if applicable. By providing detailed information about why you need assistance in order to fund your travels abroad with two kids can give added emphasis on why this particular journey would be beneficial both culturally and academically for the whole family.

It is also important have open communication with schools or academic departments at home who may have access to more resources related to travel scholarships programs which could help cover some part of the expenses associated with going abroad. Additionally networking through community events or online forums might lead you towards contacts who can provide more information on potential funding sources outside your immediate area e.g alumni networks associated with certain universities who often finance international student trips annually through their endowments/scholarships etc.. Finally don’t forget crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe where people all over the world can contribute towards activities which they feel passionate about – yours being travelling abroad with your two kids! Good luck!

Is it possible for me to get scholarship to travel abroad with my two kids?

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