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I’m interested to study at Canada for special needs education. Which type of scholarship is full- funded for that course?

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Canada is an excellent choice for those looking to pursue their studies in special needs education. Through a range of scholarships, federal and provincial governments, universities, and other organizations are offering financial assistance for students pursuing these programs.

If you’re interested in securing full-funded scholarships specifically for special needs education, there are several options available. The Scotiabank Graduate Scholarships Program encourages exceptional graduate students studying social science research related to disability studies or special needs education that contribute to the well-being of people with disabilities in Canadian society. Up to four awards can be granted each year between CAD$2,000 and $8,000 per recipient depending on the eligibility criteria met by the student applicant.

The University of Alberta also offers multiple scholarships aimed at assisting students who wish to pursue a degree in special needs education or disabled studies: Pauline Vanier Graduate Scholarship (valued at up to $20K/year), Heather Elton Disability Studies Award (valued at up to $15K/year) and Marie Gervais Bursary (valued up tp $10k). To qualify for one of these awards applicants must demonstrate their academic excellence as well as financial need within their application submission.

Other notable scholarship opportunities include: Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Community Capacity & Inclusion Fund which provides grants ranging from $5K -$25K; TD Bank Financial Group Accessibility Scholarships awarding 7 eligible post-secondary students CAD$7000 each towards further study; and Canadian Union Of Public Employees’ Special Needs Students Education Awards granting 10 successful candidates with awards valued between CAD$1,500 – 5,000 based on demonstrated academic excellence and status as a recognized disability association member or First Nation community member..

In conclusion it is clear that there exists an abundance of funding sources available when it comes to pursuing your dream of studying special needs education in Canada! Best wishes on this journey!

I’m interested to study at Canada for special needs education. Which type of scholarship is full- funded for that course?

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