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I’m fluent in English but I don’t have a clue Or a certificate or something. What can I do?

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The first thing that you should do is to assess your level of fluency in English. Each university has their own set of requirements for language proficiency, and so it is important to know what level you are at before looking into any further options. A great way to assess this is by taking an online placement test such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). These tests can help determine your current skill level in both reading and writing, which could be very helpful when applying for a college or university.

In terms of studying abroad, there are several things that you should consider other than just language fluency. Universities will usually have additional criteria when considering international students. This could include academic performance from high school, letters of recommendation from teachers/counselors, essays about why you want to attend the university and more. Additionally, financial aid may also be required depending on where the student comes from since many universities offer special grants or scholarships for international students.

Finally, if you’re interested in getting a certificate for proof of your language proficiency skills then you should look into online courses such as TEFL/TESOL certification programs offered through various institutions around the world or even local centers in your area in order to gain recognition on an official document. Additionally, some universities also offer their own language programs specifically designed for international students who are interested in furthering their studies at their institution while still improving upon their language skills!

I’m fluent in English but I don’t have a clue or a certificate or something. What can I do?
I am very interested in your university. Can you help me solve this problem?
Will you charge my full expenses?
Is there a grant?
What is required of me?

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