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I would like to ask if scholarships to Cyprus are available here?

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Congratulations on getting accepted to the International University of Cyprus with a 75% scholarship!

The good news is that there are a variety of scholarship opportunities available for students who wish to study in countries where they were not given full scholarships. Many companies, organizations, and philanthropists offer international scholarships specifically designed for students from around the world and even those from your home nation, ESWATINI.

Some great places to start looking are The Government of ESWATINI’s official website ( for financial aid options provided by your government; the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which offers several fellowships for international studies; various professional organizations such as Lions Clubs International or Rotary clubs near you; many private foundations that have dedicated funds designed for international studies; or online search engines which can link you directly to countless potential funding sources based upon your location and field of study.

In addition to these resources there may be funding opportunities available through cultural exchanges programs or volunteer initiatives, both run by either local universities or NGOs operating within ESWATINI, so it pays off doing some research on this too if you feel like putting in some extra effort! Even if you do not find an exact match right away don’t give up – network extensively with other students in similar situations in order to maximize chances at accessing every possible funding opportunity out there. Best wishes!

I would like to ask if scholarships to Cyprus are available here. I have been accepted for Civil engineering in International University of Cyprus and given 75% Scholarship. I want to know if there are companies that sponsor students with scholarships if they want to study in a country where they were not given full scholarships. I’m from the Kingdom of ESWATINI.

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