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I need scholarship in beautiful country USA.; however, area of linguistic.

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Congratulations on your determination to pursue a degree in linguistics! There are many scholarship opportunities available for international students wishing to study in the USA.

The most significant is the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, which provides grants for overseas citizens wishing to undertake graduate-level study or research at U.S. universities or other recognized institutions of higher education. The Fulbright program covers tuition and living costs for up to two years of study, and more than 1,500 international students each year receive this kind of financial support; your best bet would be to start by applying for this program first if you haven’t already done so.

In addition there are numerous other scholarships which can cover all or part of your tuition fees as well as travel and living expenses while in the US, such as:

1) Ford Foundation International Fellowships : these offer funds specifically designed for those from developing countries who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in the USA

2) The Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship : this scholarship is open mainly to undergraduate candidates on US government-sponsored programmes such as exchange schemes or work & travel visas

3) Diversity Abroad Scholarships: These award scholarships ranging from $250-$5,000for minority group members who want an overseas educational experience (including language learning).

Depending on your needs and preferences , it may also be worth looking into non-scholarship funding options like student loans available through banks or private lenders; however please note that these will need to be repaid eventually with interest so make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into before committing either way! Finally good luck – we hope that with hard work and dedication you will find enough resources necessary towards achieving your dreams !

Hi! My name is Migueias França,i come from Mozambique specially Nampula province.
I need scholarship in beautiful country USA.; however, area of linguistic.

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