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i know you have some free scholarship that you announced in social media how can I apply for scholarship?

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Thank you for your question about scholarships available for girls in Afghanistan. The first step to applying for a scholarship is to research and find the organizations that offer them. There are many non-governmental organizations, universities, and international bodies that provide educational opportunities specifically for girls living in Afghanistan.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) offers a program called Girls’ Education Afghan Scholarships (GEAS), which provides female students with assistance to pursue their education at all levels. To apply, you must submit an online application form or contact your local IRC office directly to learn more about the eligibility requirements and how to complete the application process. They also have tips on how to write a successful scholarship essay!

Afghanistan Government Organizations like Zabul Women Centre also provide financial support for females attending schools across the country through different schemes such as “Cash Grant” or “In-Kind Grants”. Contacting the organization’s office near you would be helpful in getting further information on grant applications and eligibility criteria.

Similarly, there are several institutions within Afghanistan such as Kabul University Student Financial Support Unit that exclusively provides scholarships on an annual basis based on merit/means criteria of individual applicants who meet their set standards of qualifications & performance record. You can visit their website or contact them directly via email or phone number provided therein regarding details & procedure related to filing an online application & obtaining necessary documents from university registrar’s office etc., prior submitting it back along with required forms before deadlines expire each year end season(s).

In addition, there are other global partnerships providing access to education throughout developing countries including Afghanistan through programs like The Global Partnership For Education (GPE) which works with governments towards improving quality of primary school education by working together with partners like World Bank Group, UNESCO & UNICEF towards funding grants avaliable in specific resources/programmes depending upon grade level being sought i.e.. pre-school , academic/vocational training and post graduate diploma courses etc., For student looking forward into resources at this platform may require attainment of certain standardised meaning scores below threshold limits fixed nationally . As an assessment it use both psychometric testing methods as well as aptitude tests conducted by respective provincial authorities while benchmarking student profiles against existing database surveys used nationwide periodically whenever updated – preferably at least twice every year during start , mid term break seasons wherein rigorous selection procedures are followed by respective ministry concerned departments merely considering socio economic backgrounds since most direct enrollments among candidates proceeding inside country require fulfillment of multiple conditions vis a vis sponsorship certification from sponsors / host parents residing abroad apart from procurements done locally involving own funds if need arise . All such petitions needs endorsement froom ministry thus furnishing proof legal entitlement status held per say& subject eligibility confirmation beforehand without fail while mandatory primary source authentications ought get performed wherever applicable due submission relevant identity proofs ets side apart attestation documents once again necessary before approval granted accordingly thereby allowing topic issue here explored thoroughly enough without compromising integrity standar wise …… So if anyone requires approval then have means acquire same only after careful checking out sources mentioned above follow pointers given hereby good luck !!

Hello i hope you find and well i want Continue my lesson are you as picture education is close for girls in afghanistan country my question was i know you have some free scholarship that you announced in social media how wr can apply for scholarship? not have specific link or form for register at last i want you give me this opportunity thanks

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