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How to get any scholarship without TOEFL?

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Getting a scholarship without taking the TOEFL can be achieved through a few different methods. The first is applying for scholarships targeted at students who speak English as their second language, or who are from countries that don’t require the TOEFL for admission. For example, some universities in Sweden do not require it for admission, and they offer scholarships to international students from certain countries. Additionally, some private organizations provide scholarships specifically set up to help non-native English speakers attend college without having to take the TOEFL exam.

It’s also important to understand what types of criteria most colleges and universities use when evaluating applicants for scholarships who haven’t taken the TOEFL. For instance, schools may look at your grades in high school or college English classes as one element of your application package; if you have consistently earned good grades in those classes then this will likely play an important role in demonstrating your proficiency with the language regardless of whether you took a standardized test like the TOEFL or not. Schools may also consider academic achievements outside of English class (such as awards won in math competitions) and extracurricular activities such sports teams or clubs related to academics (e.g., science club).

Ultimately though, each institution has its own admissions process and criteria so it’ll be beneficial to research individual schools carefully before applying so that you will know exactly what they are looking for when assessing applications from potential candidates who haven’t taken the TOEFL exam yet still have high levels of academic achievement. Additionally, consulting with advisors at both your current educational institution (if you are currently enrolled) and prospective institutions could help point out specific areas where additional documentation may be needed during application reviews to make sure all bases are covered during reviews by scholarship committees members later on down the line!

How to get any scholarship without TOEFL?
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