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Congratulations on deciding to pursue a higher education abroad! There are many opportunities available to you, and with the right dedication and hard work, you can secure a scholarship that will cover most or all of your tuition expenses. The first step is to identify what type of fully funded scholarships you would be eligible for. Generally speaking, international students who want to study abroad on a fully funded scholarship need to have strong academic performance and good extracurricular activities. It is also important for them to demonstrate leadership skills and community engagement. Depending on the country where you plan on studying, there are usually certain specific requirements that must be met as well. In addition to seeking out suitable scholarships based on your academic record and other accomplishments, it is essential that you stay informed about new opportunities offered by universities around the world. Numerous institutions offer full-tuition merit-based scholarships as well as various programs intended for those from underserved backgrounds such as yours in Pakistan. You can search online databases like Scholarship Owl or College Greenlight (just two examples) in order to find relevant programs tailored towards motivated students like yourself who wish to study overseas without having excessive financial burdens stopping their pursuit of knowledge abroad. Applying for these kinds of funding opportunities requires gathering documents such as recommendation letters from professors or mentors who know your background well (the better they speak upon your potentials/ qualities ,the more likely it is that your application will get selected). For any additional questions regarding specific programs it’s always worth reaching out directly either through their websites or by sending an email inquiry; many universities respond quickly during business hours so don’t forget about this option! Before applying anywhere make sure all requested materials (including transcriptions) meet requirements otherwise delay could possibly occur in processing paperwork . Best of luck in finding a perfect fit suited especially for you!

I want study abroad based on a fully funded scholarship. My qualification is msc in sports science physical education from Punjab university Lahore Pakistan.

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