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Fully funded scholarship for Bachelor’s of Law

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Getting a fully funded scholarship for a Bachelor’s of Law can be quite challenging, but with the right research and determination, it is possible.

First off, you’ll want to look into any available local or regional government scholarships like those offered by the Ministry of Education in Uganda. The ministry has many programs that offer to cover fees such as tuition, travel expenses and medical support. Additionally, your current university may have its own financial aid office or scholarship program that can provide extra funding support for students studying law. You should also check out other universities in nearby countries such as Rwanda and Kenya which could potentially offer more competitive scholarships than Ugandan universities.

In addition to local/regional scholarships, there are several international organizations that fund students from Uganda pursuing an undergraduate degree in Law. For example: Global Health Corps (GHO), Open Society Foundations (OSF) & African Leadership Academy (ALA). These organizations provide fellowships ranging from partial to full funding depending on the type of program they’re offering and your qualifications as an applicant.

Finally, there are countless private foundations and charitable trusts that offer assistance to international students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and/or financial need when it comes to achieving their education goals in law related studies abroad. Some examples include the Esther Duke Scholarship Fund for International Students; Humanity United Faculty Fellowships; Gates Cambridge Scholars Program & World Bank Group’s JMD Student Grants Program among others. It’s important to do diligent research into each organization before submitting an application so you know all requirements necessary prior applying and see if you meet them!

Good luck on your search for a fully funded scholarship opportunity—it’s achievable but requires careful planning ahead so start researching now!

How can I get a fully funded scholarship for Bachelor’s of Law and where can I get it from? I’m from Uganda

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