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Fully funded scholarship for a Cameroonian to study in USA

July 24, 2023 / Views



The answer to this question depends on the type of scholarship you are receiving and the conditions that come with it. Generally speaking, a fully funded scholarship would cover many aspects of your educational expenses, including tuition fees, books, housing (if necessary), and in some cases even travel costs.

If you are being awarded a merit or academic-based scholarship then it is likely that they will cover any documents you need for obtaining your visa as well as the cost of your flight. A study abroad or research grant usually covers only limited aspects such as tuition fees and book costs – not necessarily flights or other documents like visas. You should have a look at the terms and conditions associated with any given award to determine whether these items will be covered by your scholarship provider. Additionally, you can contact them directly if there is still doubt about what all expenses may be included in their offer letter.

In addition to scholarships covering various components of education costs such as books and documentation costs, many also provide additional support in terms of living stipends throughout the period of study – especially for students studying abroad throughout their program duration. This stipend may cover food/housing/travel depending on individual needs but this too varies from one program to another – so again check up on what all comes along with your chosen grants!

If being granted a fully funded scholarship, does the scholarship cover for my documents and flight?

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