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Fully funded Canadian scholarship for Ghanaian students

July 31, 2023 / Views



Congratulations on wanting to pursue higher education in Canada! As an international student, there are many scholarships you can apply for that could help cover the cost of your tuition as well as living expenses.
The best place to start is by searching for available scholarships on official Canadian government websites such as and Once you’ve identified a scholarship that meets your needs, make sure it is open to international students from Ghana specifically and ensure any eligibility criteria are met before applying – most funders will have specific requirements related to academic performance or financial need that must be satisfied before they will provide a scholarship award.
Once you’ve narrowed down the list of applicable scholarships, take some time to investigate the terms of each carefully; think about how much money you would receive and how long the funding lasts so that you can determine which offers better value for money. It may also be helpful to ask questions directly from relevant organizations in order to get more information about any restrictions on where or how funds should be used – these types of details can vary significantly between providers and play an important role in selecting a suitable scholarship for your situation.
Additionally, look into what other forms of financial aid may be available through universities directly or external organizations affiliated with them – this could include grants, bursaries, loans or even work-study programs (note: these usually involve part-time employment while studying). Taking advantage of all available options increases the chance of being able to afford tuition fees while still having enough left over after living costs have been covered too!
Finally, explore opportunities online via search engines such as Google Scholar which specialize in helping match potential applicants with grants based on their individual skills/interests; this process can sometimes result in finding unique alternatives not listed elsewhere which might fit perfectly with your needs!
Good luck with your applications!

How can I get a fully funded Canadian scholarship as an undergraduate Ghanaian student?

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