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Does Unicaf university offer offline fully funded scholarship undergraduate?

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Yes, Unicaf University offers fully funded online and offline undergraduate scholarships.

The Unicaf Scholarship Program (USP) is a platform providing students from all backgrounds with access to world-class higher education via various scholarship opportunities. USP offers its innovative learning opportunities to citizens of eligible African countries, many of which have limited access to quality higher education. The USP provides tuition fee discounts for selected Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs offered by partner universities such as the University of South Wales, Middlesex University in London, and the New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling in the UK.

Undergraduate students are eligible for partial or full scholarships depending on their academic performance and financial need criteria. Full tuition fee waivers may also be awarded at times due to availability or lack thereof in certain countries/areas where Unicaf operates through its partners. Scholarships can be applied either online or offline after completion of an application form that outlines basic personal details along with a copy of your highest educational qualification certificate/diploma and other related documents.

Specifically speaking about an undergraduate program in social science development offered at Unicaf University, this course is designed to equip you with a range of skills needed to understand development processes both locally and across different cultures while giving you insights into dynamics influencing contemporary society today. The program focuses on identifying how these issues directly shape current disparities between individuals within our communities as well as globally – looking broadly at existing strategies adopted by governments aimed at facilitating equitable social change initiatives worldwide. You will gain knowledge necessary for practicing effective social security concepts so that sustainable pro-poor policies are developed followed by designing effective poverty alleviation strategies encouraging inclusive economic growth paths while equitably distributing resources amongst different livelihood groups living under varying conditions around developing regions across Africa continent – no matter what their background socio-economic circumstances may be!

Does Unicaf university offer offline fully funded scholarship undergraduate?

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