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Does the scholarship covers 100% of my education?

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The answer to this question largely depends on the type of scholarship you are applying for, and what the specific terms and conditions of that scholarship provide. Generally speaking, scholarships typically cover all or part of tuition costs, along with other associated education expenses such as books and fees. However, the coverage for living expenses such as room and board vary from program to program.

For example, some nursing scholarships may fully cover both your educational costs and living expenses like accommodation (i.e., dormitory room). Meanwhile some programs may only provide partial funding or have a cap on their maximum funding amount – so they might only be able to partially cover your educational expenses (e.g., tuition) but not any other associated costs including housing/accommodation charges. Research thoroughly before you make any decisions regarding accepting a scholarship – that way you’ll know exactly what it does (and doesn’t) cover upfront!

It’s also important to note that there are several types of nursing scholarships out there offering different levels of financial support: need-based programs which provide support based on applicant’s means; merit-based awards given to academically outstanding individuals; military-sponsored grants available exclusively to service members; employer-funded initiatives meant specifically for students employed by certain organizations etc… It’s worth considering each type carefully in order to find an award best suited for your individual needs!
Good luck with your search!

Does the scholarship in Nursing covers 100% of my education?
Does it cover my accommodation?

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