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Do you offer scholarship for studying while in Kenya?

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Yes, there are a variety of scholarship options available for students in Kenya. The Government of Kenya offers several scholarship programs to help Kenyan citizens pursue their educational goals. These include the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Loan Scheme, the Women Enterprise Fund Scholarship Program, and the National Youth Service Scholarship Program.

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Loan Scheme provides funding to needy and deserving Kenyan citizens who wish to pursue higher education at public universities or colleges within Kenya as well as those studying abroad. It also assists in providing need-based awards for courses at approved learning institutions and universities around the world. Applying for assistance under this scheme does not guarantee eligibility due to limited funds available; however, you can check their website for more information on eligibility requirements and application procedures.

The Women Enterprise Fund is another option that specifically promotes female entrepreneurship through training opportunities tailored towards SMEs run by women across all 46 counties in Kenya. Scholarships are also awarded towards successful applicants wishing to pursue further education or training related fields such as accounting, management sciences, engineering and other areas key in enabling business growth among members of eligible groups such as single mothers and youth living with disabilities among others . To qualify one must meet certain criteria outlined on their website before they can apply.

Finally, there is also the National Youth Service Scholarship program which helps provide university level studies support throughout different regions in Kenya especially those located at social economic disadvantaged areas like slum communities given low income levels that make it hard for residents access quality education solutions via scholarships grants or loan programs.. Successful applicants must meet set selection criteria based on individual merits including academic performance determining financial aid award levels ranging from partial tuition waivers up to full financial support coverage upon entry into university..

Do you offer scholarship for studying while in Kenya?

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