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Can you please send me links for the Computer Science masters scholarship?

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Computer Science is an increasingly popular and sought-after field, so there are numerous scholarship opportunities out there. It can be difficult to find all the information you need in one place, so I’ve compiled some of the top Computer Science scholarships here:

The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship: This amazing program awards 10 high achieving female students each year with $20,000 apiece for their last two years of school in a graduate program related to computer science or electrical engineering. Applications open in December and the scholarship is renewable each year contingent upon satisfactory academic performance.

Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities: A collaboration between Google and Lime Connect, this organization offers scholarship up to $10,000 each for undergraduate or graduate students pursing any degree involving Computer Science or a closely related field. They judge applicants across multiple factors such as academic performance, leadership skills, and social impact work making it an extremely competitive but rewarding process!

Siebel Scholars Program: Aspiring young scientists can receive funding from this long established program tailored towards “the world’s most talented graduate students at leading business schools and universities” With 5 scholars chosen from each university every year for various disciplines including computer science (just 2!), this one will definitely help you stand out from the crowd!

NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program​: Every year five outstanding masters/PhD candidates are selected to receive fellowship grants of up to $50K in support of their research studies that demonstrate foundational aspects applicable in GPU systems design; topics ranging from HCI & ML applications on GPUs through Deep Learning & Robotics have been sponsored previously with fellows receiving financial assistance plus personal mentoring over 3 year periods – great stuff!

In addition to these programs listed above there are plenty more opportunities depending on your particular interests or background story – best approach would be search around online forums + research centers etc… Ultimately success lies within your own hands – apply wisely & good luck finding that perfect opportunity!

Can you please send me links for the Computer Science masters scholarship?

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