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Can l get a scholarship or a bursary at secondary level? I am in form two.

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Securing scholarships or bursaries at the secondary level (such as in Form Two) is indeed possible, but availability can vary based on different factors. Here are steps to explore opportunities:

### 1. **Research Local Opportunities:**
– **School Resources:** Inquire with your school’s guidance counselor or administration about any available scholarships or bursaries for students at your level.
– **Local Organizations:** Check with local NGOs, community organizations, or foundations that might offer educational funding for students in secondary school.

### 2. **Specific Bursaries or Scholarships:**
– **Subject-Based Scholarships:** Some scholarships might be specific to certain subjects or talents. For instance, if you excel in a particular subject or have unique skills (e.g., arts, sports), explore scholarships aligned with these areas.
– **Need-Based Scholarships:** Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need. Research programs that cater to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

### 3. **Apply for National Scholarships or Competitions:**
– **Government Programs:** Check if your country offers national scholarships or educational grants for secondary school students. These might have specific eligibility criteria and application processes.
– **Competitions:** Participating in academic or extracurricular competitions often presents opportunities for scholarships or recognition, so keep an eye out for such events.

### 4. **Prepare Strong Applications:**
– **Academic Performance:** Focus on maintaining a good academic record. Many scholarships consider academic achievements.
– **Extracurricular Activities:** Engage in extracurricular activities, as some scholarships value involvement in community service, leadership roles, or sports.

### 5. **Seek Guidance and Apply Early:**
– **Guidance Counselors:** Seek advice from school counselors or teachers who might know about available opportunities and assist with application processes.
– **Application Deadlines:** Be aware of scholarship deadlines and apply well in advance to avoid missing out.

### 6. **Online Search:**
– **Online Databases:** Explore online scholarship databases or platforms that might list opportunities for secondary school students. Websites like or ScholarshipPortal could be helpful.

### 7. **Stay Informed and Persistent:**
– **Stay Updated:** Continuously check for new opportunities and announcements. Scholarships or bursaries might become available throughout the year.
– **Persistence:** Be persistent in your search and application efforts, as securing scholarships can sometimes be competitive.

While scholarships or bursaries for secondary students might be more limited compared to higher education levels, there are still opportunities available. Diligent research, good academic performance, and active participation in school and community activities can strengthen your chances of securing financial support for your education.

Can l get a scholarship or a bursary at secondary level? I am in form two.

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