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Can I have a scholarship into the Oxford university medical school as a Nigerian student?

August 15, 2023 / Views



Absolutely! Yes, as a Nigerian student you can receive scholarships into the Oxford university medical school and also for Cambridge A levels. In fact, Nigeria is one of the few countries in Africa that are eligible to apply for scholarships through Oxford. This is because they offer generous scholarship programs to attract outstanding students from developing countries all over the world.

The available scholarships may vary depending on your country’s regulations and requirements but there are several options open to you if you meet certain criteria. For example, postgraduate funding is available at Oxford for those who have completed their degree from an approved university with a first-class or upper second-class honours degree in relevant studies such as medicine or dentistry (or both). Additionally, there are bursaries available for those studying abroad who demonstrate high academic excellence and show financial need though these tend to be limited in number so competition for them is strong. It’s also worth noting that the admissions process at Oxford University Medical School can be very competitive; therefore it pays off to ensure that your application stands out – having achieved excellent grades during past qualifications will help enormously here too!

In terms of Cambridge A Levels there are various awards/scholarships offered through local schools or organizations which may include tuition fee waivers, living costs allowances dependent upon merit and total income of previous year’s taxes etc., whilst Outreach Scholarships provide full tuition possibility when if you do not meet other minimum criteria based on household income thresholds/caps set by each individual college setting them up. Other scholarships related specifically to A Levels such as Overseas Student Awards (OSA) exist which will cover entire course fees including living expenses however availability varies considerably year by year depending upon donor availability etcetera so think ahead . Good luck!

Can I have a scholarship into the Oxford university medical school as a Nigerian student? And also is there a scholarship for Cambridge A levels as a Nigerian student?

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