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Are there scholarships for grade 8 and 9?

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Yes, there are plenty of scholarships available to students in grades 8 and 9. Most of these scholarships are usually merit-based and can range from several hundred dollars all the way up to full-tuition or even a full scholarship depending on the student’s academic performance.

Generally, local high schools in most cities often offer one or two type of scholarships for incoming grade 8 – 9 students each year. Some may be based on grades and other criteria such as community service involvement, extracurricular activities, volunteerism etc. To find out more information about these types of scholarship opportunities you should ask your school’s guidance counselors who will assist you in finding the right scholarship that fits your needs.

In addition to local high school opportunities some national organizations have scholarship programs specifically set up for eighth graders and ninth graders across America which may be helpful as well. A few examples include The Coca Cola Scholars Program (CCSP) which is America’s largest corporate college access program, The National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSC), a nationwide competition open to high achieving seventh through twelfth grade students, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards which recognize creative achievement in visual arts/design works or literature/writing pieces produced by eighth through eleventh graders throughout U.S., Microsoft Corporation’s YouthSpark Program which offered free technology education grants for fourth through twelfth grade educators whose classrooms were eligible for Title I funding; Google Science Fair Challenge offers an annual global science competition open to thirteen through eighteen year old participants from around the world; Bankamerica Legacy Award Scholarship Program provides four $2,000 awards annually to graduating eighth graders; National Council Of Negro Women currently sponsors five different merit scholarships tailored towards African American middle school girls attending public schools; The Storting Student Loan Organization’s Distinguished Academic Achievement Programs provide financial assistance packages designed around individual educational institution costs for eight through twelveth grade applicants with excellent academic track records living within designated rural areas across North America; Elks Lodge World Service Memorial Scholarships award three four-year renewable college tuition benefits worth up $50K total per recipient each year provided they maintain a minimum GPA rating during their High School years; The Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption’s Wendy Scholars Grant Aid assists adopted High School freshmen entering accredited 2 – 4 year universities with tuition aid potentially as much as $1000 per semester etc..

Finally it is important to note that not all scholarships specifically target Grade 8 & 9 Students – so always make sure you look at secondary options like awards conferred on athletes regardless of grades etc.. Doing regular research online will definitely help keep you abreast of new upcoming programs relevant towards this cause plus remind you when certain deadlines loom near!

Are there scholarships for grade 8 and 9?

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